S. Francesco’s path

Francesco’s path is a trail surrounded by nature and filled with both beauty and silence beginning at the holy mountain of La Verna and joining Assisi to Gubbio, a town dearly loved by the saint.

Indeed, it was in Gubbio that Francesco met the Wolf and tamed him. Still today it is possible to visit the little church under whose foundations were discovered the remains of the wolf.

A path approximately 5 km long connects all the sites crossed by the young Francesco.

Francesco’s path is above all a journey of the spirit, made up of stops and restarts, nature trails, and friendships born along the way.

Agriturismo Ponte di Riocchio lies in the heart of Francesco’s path, on a fairly level and easily walkable road. Alongside the fence is the “Fonte del Pellegrino” (Pilgrim’s Fountain), a stone artefact bearing the effigy of St. Francesco, very useful to get fresh water.

On your way, you may stop by us to obtain the stamp you need to place on your Pilgrim’s Passport, the document that attests that you are on your way and allows you to receive the certification of your completed pilgrimage: the Testimonium.

See you in Colonnata, where you will find a smile, fresh water and hearty breakast every day.