Truffle hunt with tasting menu

Truffle hunt with tasting menu

. Italian truffle is among the most precious and appreciated in the world and Gubbio is well known for the extraction of an excellent truffle variety.

A real truffle hunter and his loyal mate will take you on the most fantastic and amazing adventure! A thrilling three-hour nature trek that will end with a truffle dinner. You will be surrounded by the stunning woods setting around Gubbio, in an exciting experience involving both individual tourists and small groups of friends. This bucolic, fabulous landscape is made even more special by the stories and tales that are shared during the walk.

After a light breakfast, you will start hunting, venturing into the woods surrounding the Agriturismo, where truffles grow wild almost every month of the year.  Depending on the season, the type of truffle that can be found changes: from the black summer truffle to the bianchetto truffle and the most prized and sought-after white truffle.

During the truffle hunt, you will learn how to move through the woods and experience first-hand the crucial moment of unearthing, the instant when the dog will start digging and, supported by its owner, unearth the truffle. This is a crucial moment because you dont have to damage it or alter the undergrowth fabric.

Moreover, mid-way through the hike, a fun picnic in the open air is an opportunity to rest and enjoy the peace that is breathed in these beautiful places.

Things to know for your truffle hunt

We recommend sportswear, suitable for the season. We suggest wearing trekking shoes and booking the experience at least two weeks in advance.

In conclusion, truffle hunting is an experience that you can live in person or you can let someone close to you live it. Contact us for more information or to request availability.