Self growth classes

Self growth classes

Here at Ponte di Riocchio, we feel that holidays are the perfect moment to reconnect body and mind.

That is why, during our self growth classes, thanks to Dr. Richard Pearson’s Learn Love method, you will learn that everything stems from the here and now. Moreover, you will find out how you became the person you are today and what a wonderful future awaits you.

“Happiness can only come from within” (Dr. Richard Pearson).

By understanding which thoughts and emotions shape your behaviour and releasing unresolved conflicts from the past, you will bring out your talents, unlock your strengths and free happiness.

Silence retreat will let you live with a ‘quiet mind’ to find your focus, and have a new relationship with yourself and others.

Reserve your weekend of self growth classes to go back to your centre, where your Soul is in harmony and your eyes perceive Love again.


9-10 June – Introduction Learn Love journey – Learn how to love and how to love yourself – Find out your talent. The 22 numerology numbers

8-9 July – The Relationship – The search for the first “27 months of life

26-27 August – Aware touch – the skin as a border between the inside and the outside of yourself

16-17 September – Resentful – Loose inner conflicts

7-8 October – From devaluation to self-esteem

11-12 November – Reading the body – If your body could talk you


Contact us for more information. Limited places!